Famous people of Eltham

Eltham has created and attracted many famous people
Many famous people have either been born in Eltham or have been attracted to live here.
The list given here is not exhaustive but does indicate that Eltham is a bit of a special place with a lot of creative history.

Famous People of Eltham

John of Eltham, 1st Earl of Cornwall (15 August 1316 13 September 1336). John was born in Eltham Palace.
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Philippa Plantagenet, 16 August 1355 5 January 1382 - Philippa was born in Eltham Palace

Bridget of York - 14801517 - Princess, seventh daughter of Edward IV. Bridget was born in Eltham Palace.

Henry VIII - 1491 1547 - King of England from 1509 to 1547. Henry spent much of his childhood at Eltham Palace. He met and impressed the scholar Erasmus there.

Thomas Doggett - ca. 1640 20 September 1721 - was an Irish actor. In 1715 Doggett founded the prize of Doggett's Coat and Badge in honour of the House of Hanover, in commemoration of King George I of Great Britain's accession to the Throne on 1 August 1714. He is buried in the churchyard of St Johns Church in Eltham Town Centre, and there is a plaque on the outside of the church in his memory, which states that Doggett died a "pauper".

Commodore Sir William James (17201783) - Naval commander, settled in Eltham at Park Farm Place in 1759 and is commemorated by Severndroog Castle on nearby Shooter's Hill.

John Arnold - 1736 - 1799 -Internationally renowned watchmaker, lived in Eltham at Well Hall House.

William M Phillips - born 1825 - 19th Century London County Council Councillor, lived in Court Road Eltham. He tried to stop the destruction of North Park Woodland.

Katherine O'Shea - 30 January 18465 February 1921 - Housewife, married to Charles Stewart Parnell. Katherine lived in Eltham at North Park.

Richard Jefferies (18481887) - Naturalist and writer. Lived in Eltham (Blue plaque at 59, Footscray Road).

Richard Robert Castell Gregory - 1855 1927 - Headmaster of Eltham National School 1901 - 1920 (now Roper Street) until his retirement. He wrote the history of Royal Eltham which was published in 1909

Hubert Bland - 3 January 1855 14 April 1914 - Socialist and co-founder of the Fabian Society. Lived in Eltham at Well Hall House from 1899 to 1922

Edith Nesbit - 15 August 1858 4 May 1924 - Author, writer of "The Railway Children". Edith Lived in Eltham at Well Hall House.

George Croydon Marks - (9 June 1858 24 September 1938 - known as Sir George Marks between 1911 and 1929, he was an English engineer, patent agent and Liberal (later Labour) politician. Apart from information on this link, his life has been covered in Eltham's SEnine magazine (Sept 2012).

Launceston Elliot. - 9 June 1874 8 August 1930 - Launceston Elliot was a weightlifter. He was the first British Olympic champion. Born in Tasmania, he lived with his family in Mottingham near to Eltham College which at that time was the Royal Naval School.

Sir Stephen Courtauld M.C. - 18831967 - Millionaire, war veteran and philanthropist. Lived at Eltham Palace from the mid 1930s to 1944.

Thomas Burke, 29 November 1886 22 September 1945 - author, was born in Eltham.

Herbert Morrison (18881965) - Labour Cabinet minister and leader of London County Council, lived in Eltham at 55 Archery Road, between 1929 and 1960.

Jack Hope - August 12, 1898 August 8, 1962 - Film and television producer, born in Eltham, elder brother of Bob Hope.

Eric Liddell - 16 January 1902 21 February 1945 - Eric was an Olympian athlete, rugby union international player, and missionary. Eric and his brother Robert were enrolled in Eltham College which at that time was a boarding school for the sons of missionaries. Their parents and sister Jenny returned to China. At Eltham, Liddell was an outstanding sportsman by the age of 15. He was awarded the Blackheath Cup as the best athlete of his year. He played for the First XI Cricket team and the First XV rugby team and later became captain of both the cricket and rugby union teams. His headmaster described him as being "entirely without vanity".
Liddell was the winner of the men's 400 metres at the 1924 Summer Olympics. The film "Chariots of Fire" depicted his life.

Bob Hope KBE May 29, 1903 - July 27, 2003 - Actor and Hollywood film star, was born in Eltham in 1903 (blue plaque at 44, Craigton Road). In 1982, the Eltham Little Theatre was renamed the Bob Hope Theatre in his honour, following his donations that saved the theatre from closure. He also visited the theatre in 1980.

Rex Whistler - 24 June 1905 18 July 1944 - was a British artist, designer and illustrator. Rex was born in Eltham.

Lord Healey (Denis Healey, Baron Healey) - born 30 August 1917 - Politician and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, once lived in the Eltham "Hutments".

Frankie Howerd - 6 March 1917 19 April 1992 - Comedian and comic actor, educated at Shooters Hill Grammar School. He lived in the "Eltham Hutments". The Wetherspoons pub called The Banker's Draft has is themed around Howerd and other famous residents.

John Ayldon - born December 11, 1943 - An operatic bass-baritone and former member of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company.

Billy Bonds - born 17 September 1946 - MBE a former Charlton Athletic, West Ham United Footballer, and former Millwall F.C. manager.

Steve Peregrin Took -28 July 1949 - 27 October 1980 - Musician.

Trudie Goodwin - Born 13 November, 1951 - Trudie Goodwin, is an English actress best known for playing Sergeant June Ackland in the high-profile British television police drama The Bill between 1984 and 2007. She attended Eltham Hill Technology College and was part of Greenwich Council's campaign "Get a Life, Get a Greenwich Education". Trudie was raised in Eltham, south London, where her father worked for a Greek shipping company.

Delroy Lindo - born 18 November 1952 - Actor - Heist, Ransom, The Cider House Rules, Gone in 60 Seconds

Peter Howitt - born 5 May 1957 - Actor and film director lived in Tarnwood Park Eltham from 1963-1970. He attended Wyborne Primary School in New Eltham from 1963-1968. Was a member of the Priory Players Amateur Dramatics Group at the Christ Church Centre in Eltham High Street between 1971-1976.

Kate Bush - born 30 July 1958 - Singer and musician.

Boy George - born 14 June 1961 - Singer, born and raised in Middle Park, Eltham.

Gavin Peacock - born 18 November 1967 - former Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers Footballer, former football pundit for the BBC.

Alan White - born 26 May 1972 - Ex-drummer of British Rock Band Oasis, was born in Eltham.

Jude Law - born 29 December 1972 - Actor and Hollywood film star, lived in Eltham and began his career at The Bob Hope Theatre.

Andy Barrow - Born 20 August 1979 - GB Wheelchair Rugby athlete, triple Paralympian and three time European gold medal winner. Lives in Eltham.
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