Eltham in the Royal Borough of Greenwich is a real place of history, not well advertised until now.

Sites in, on the edge of, and around Eltham Town Centre are hugely attractive for visitors, and should be on the itinery of the many tourists now being attracted to the area, since the appointment of Greenwich as a royal borough in January 2012.

As you will see from sections below, Royal status has actually been afforded to various Eltham institutions for a great many years prior to the Royal borough status. Such institutions include the Royal Blackheath golf club and the Royal Eltham Scouting Association.

Eltham welcomes many thousands of visitors each year, to Eltham Palace, Well Hall Pleasaunce, The Royal Blackheath Golf club, ancient woodland sites surrounding the Town centre plus other places of interest and we look forward to welcoming many more tourists, for a wider more balanced view of this historical place.

Eltham, Is Not An Ordinary London Suburb

Eltham has a written history back to at least the 1300s. It has been in and out of royal favour and has had more than its fair share of historical and famous people associated with it.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace with a history dating from 1300 is quietly hidden just a few minutes from the junction of Eltham High Street with Well Hall Road where St John's Parish Church sits overlooking the Town Centre.
Click on the read more button, sit back & enjoy a video about the palace, now famous for its historical and Art Deco interior.

A History of Eltham, Lee and Lewisham

A published history of Eltham, held on the British History Online

A history of Royal Eltham

A history of Royal Eltham started life as a series of lessons for pupils at Eltham National School (now Roper Street). The headmaster Richard Robert Castell Gregory then published these notes as a book in 1909.

Famous people of Eltham

Many famous people have either been born in Eltham or have been attracted to live here.
This list is not exhaustive but indicates that Eltham is a bit of a special place with a lot of creative history.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club in Eltham

To quote Bernard Darwin, grandson of Charles Darwin, golf correspondent of The Times for 46 years and past Captain of the Royal & Ancient "The Royal Blackheath Golf Club, as all the world knows, is the oldest golf club in the world."

Well Hall Pleasaunce

Well Hall Pleasaunce is situated in the approach road to Eltham High Street, nearly opposite Eltham's Rail and Bus Interchange. This is an important Eltham site, with previous royal and other famous residents.

The first Aborigine to set foot in England is buried in Eltham Town Centre

The first indigenous Australian to set foot in Britain, is buried in Eltham Town Centre, in St John's Churchyard

Eltham's Alms Houses

Eltham has two sites of Alms houses hidden away in the Town Centre.
Where some of its older residents are nicely looked after.
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