Eltham Town Centre and its 1,000 year old royal palace

The Great Hall at Eltham Palace

Eltham Town Centre is quietly famous for its 1,000 year old royal palace. It is now one of the countries favourite Art Deco centres.

If you visit Eltham Palace. Please take some time out to take the very short walk into our Town Centre. If you look into the business directory on this site, you can easily list out the choice of restaurants and cafes that are available.

The Italian Garden at Well Hall Pleasaunce

If you have time, you could walk down to just past the station to enjoy the flower gardens and water features in the Pleasaunce. If you take this short walk, you will find a delightful restaurant in the Tudor Barn which is all that remains of the house where Edith Nesbit lived and wrote The Railway Children. You will be welcomed in there either for a meal or just to take tea and cakes or even a glass of wine.

Eltham is a place full of history and surprises, that include the Palace, the Royal Blackheath Golf club (Supposedly the oldest golf club in the world according to Bernard Darwin, grandson of Charles Darwin, who was golf correspondent of The Times for 46 years) and the Pleasaunce where many famous people, either lived or came to be entertained.

Club House at the Royal Blackheath Golf Club

Sit back and enjoy the video and then come visit.
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